Author: Chian Kee | Date: 12 September 2014 | Please Comment!

One of the things I love about certain brands of dog food is that they’re manufactured with food colouring reminiscent of meat and vegetables when dogs are mostly colour blind. The reason for this is obvious – dogs don’t choose dog food, parents choose dog food.  So because people are trained to think that certain colours relate to “healthy” or […]

Author: Chian Kee | Date: 1 May 2014 | Please Comment!

I have an excellent memory. The only problem is, I have a terrible memory – although seem to recall that I might have told you otherwise a while back. My my mind has an extraordinary ability to retain facts of varying utility. I can recite the first few pages of my favourite story book from […]

Author: Chian Kee | Date: 25 December 2013 | Please Comment!

May you have a great time between Christmas and New Year not reading blogs. We’ll be back in the new year when you’re back at work and looking for distractions.

Author: Chian Kee | Date: 20 December 2013 | Please Comment!

There appears to be some common wisdom shared amongst new parents that is inevitably repeated each time a parent comes in contact with a newer parent.  As Winston has just hit 4 weeks old, we haven’t yet had the opportunity to stroke our imaginary beards and advise the next “generation”.  Instead, given the advice is […]

Author: Chian Kee | Date: 21 November 2013 | Please Comment!

As a lawyer, I always read the fine print.* This is partially by force of habit, because I’m usually the one reviewing the fine print, but also because people jam all sorts of confounding and confusing conditions in there.  I’m in the process of ordering a new, larger curbside bin from the council.  As any […]

Author: Chian Kee | Date: 16 November 2013 | Please Comment!

My son was born today. Of course, that wasn’t the actual first step in this story, but it seems as good a place as any to start – not because nothing interesting happened prior to this point, but because this was the point when it fully dawned on me that all of the preparation and […]