Author: Chian Kee | Date: 13 December 2013 | Please Comment!

I once heard a (possibly apocryphal) story that when televisions first found their way into people’s living rooms, consumers didn’t fully appreciate the difference between the advertisements and the news bulletins between which they were interspersed.  Such initial confusion no doubt led to the old adage “Don’t believe everything you read” evolving into “Don’t believe […]

Author: Chian Kee | Date: 8 December 2013 | Please Comment!

You may have already gathered that I have a thing about infant product safety. I understand that there are some activities involving babies that carry inherent risk, like bathing or travelling in a car.  This means that you can’t expect a baby car seat to make car travel magically completely safe, otherwise we’d all be […]

Author: Chian Kee | Date: 21 November 2013 | Please Comment!

As a lawyer, I always read the fine print.* This is partially by force of habit, because I’m usually the one reviewing the fine print, but also because people jam all sorts of confounding and confusing conditions in there.  I’m in the process of ordering a new, larger curbside bin from the council.  As any […]