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Title: Where Is the Green Sheep?Author: Mem Fox and Judy HoracekPublisher: Penguin Group (Australia) 2006 (First published by Penguin Group (Australia), 2004)ISBN: 978-0-14-350176-3 Spoiler warning. Chilling juxtapositions and contrapuntal subtext abound in this ambitious manifesto of racial and socioeconomic apartheid.  Mem Fox, despite producing prose as monosyllabic as her name, dual-wields the insidious dagger of extrapolatory profiling and the bludgeon […]

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      As the dad of a 100% breastfed baby, I have a very limited repertoire when it comes to responding to the “hungry” cry.   My current approach is to try and appeal to Winston’s sense of reason.  “Hungry again Winston? I’m not sure if the buffet has been restocked since the last […]

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Title: Spot Stays Overnight: The original lift-the-flap book Author: Eric Hill Publisher: Penguin Books 1992 (First published William Heinemann Ltd 1990) ISBN: 978-0-140-54289-9 Dinosaur: For no particular reason. Part of an epic series penned by the literary genius Eric Hill, Spot Stays Overnight is an important, some might go so far as to say seminal, contribution to the ever evolving lift-the-flap genre. […]

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You may have already gathered that I have a thing about infant product safety. I understand that there are some activities involving babies that carry inherent risk, like bathing or travelling in a car.  This means that you can’t expect a baby car seat to make car travel magically completely safe, otherwise we’d all be […]

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You had one job Angelcare. It turns out that poorly installed baby monitors that feature loose wiring between the cot and the monitor, within reach of the child, have the exact opposite effect to what was intended.  In light of some infant deaths, the first in 2004, Angelcare has recently issued a voluntary product recall […]